Stressed from a whole day of figuring out this blogging thing. So much to learn if you are a computer illiterate like me. My brain is on an overload from all this blog jargon. Pingbacks, track backs huh? I give up! It’s dinner time now and I am very hungry.

Surveyed the kitchen. Left over baguettes, two days old. Opened the fridge. Some promising vegetables. Hmmm….Maybe Panzanella is what’s for dinner tonight. Oh! what’s this? Some leftover marinara sauce. Has it been done before? All the more reason to try it. Ran out to the garden, picked some cherry tomatoes and basil and I was in business.

So here is what dinner [for two] got made from.

Muddled the basil leaves with the S & P. Added the home made marinara sauce. A splash of vinegar [I used apple and lingonberry vinegar] and a tiny glug of light olive oil. Diced the vegetables and cubed the bread and tossed everything together. The salad had such a bold flavor that I skipped topping it with cheese. I added some red pepper flakes to my portion of the salad and I loved it!


  • The panzanella requires lots of liquids in the form of the vegetable juices, oil and acid, to make the days old bread moist. With the addition of the marinara sauce, I found I used very little oil and vinegar as the sauce provided the wetness and tartness, along with some unexpected sweetness. No cheese added either. Turned out to be a healthier version than the traditional one.