Dear family and friends

I need to make amends

There’s a secret I wish to confess

And blogger rumors I need to address

It’s true, it’s true! Food is what I blog about

On these pages I have finally come out

And to celebrate, here is my trifle

Do give it a try, it’s easy to assemble!

 Here is how this trifle began


Sugar syrup

1 and a 1/2 cups of sugar + 1 cup water. Heat to dissolve.

Pumpkin Sauce

Mix 1/2 cup sugar syrup to every cup of  pumpkin puree [no sugar or spice added] and blend well.

Cream cheese sauce

Mix 1/2 cup warm water to every 1/2 pound [16 oz/2 regular packages] of cream cheese and hand blend to a smooth consistancy.





Here is a little back story on this trifle. I had a group of friends coming over, and it was Thanksgiving time. I was going to get a few pound cakes with the different seasonal flavors and assemble this trifle. Luckily for me Krispy Kreme had a buy one dozen get another dozen free offer. So I used donuts instead. [Here I used pumpkin spice and glazed]

It is true, my family didn’t know about my blogging nor did any of my friends until now.

Thanks for dropping by.

Best, S.