I love a good  challenge when it comes to developing recipes. The three recipes I’ll be posting today are for a bloggers contest to showcase the humble sweet potato as a healthy and nutritive tuber. I have been using a lot of sweet potatoes in my cooking, over the past few years, since becoming aware of its low  glycemic index and its excellent nutritional profile. Please go here for all things sweet potato


The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission has a contest for bloggers to come up with healthy recipes under three categories.

My first recipe is for the Kid Friendly Category.

Sweet Potato Croquettes

1 heaped cup peeled and cubed sweet  potatoes  [about 6 oz] from a small sweet potato

1/4 heaped cup panko bread crumbs + some extra for coating

1/4 cup baby sweet peas

Salt and pepper to taste

1/2 tablespoon unsalted butter for shallow frying.


Cover the cubed [1/2 inch dice] of sweet potatoes with just enough water to submerge it and boil till the sweet potatoes are just done but not too mushy. Should take 6-8 minutes. Drain immediately and spread on a linen towel to air dry. Mash the sweet potatoes when cooled.

Meanwhile thaw the peas.

Add the panko crumbs to the sweet potato mash and incorporate. Then add the peas, then salt and pepper to taste and mix well trying to keep the peas whole.

Now form  about 8 croquettes. Spread the Panko crumbs for coating on a plate and roll the croquettes in it. Take each croquette and press the panko onto its surface gently and shake off the excess and set aside.

Heat a pan with the butter in it. Gently drop the croquettes onto the pan and shallow fry for about 5 minutes till they turn golden brown all over. Remove from stove and put on a paper towel to take off any excess oil.

Serve with apple sauce and ketchup. Kids will love it!

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