Here is my second recipe under the “Vegetarian’ Category.

Sweet Potato Hasselback

2  medium sized sweet potato

1 tablespoon melted butter


Wash the sweet potatoes and dab it dry. Trim the ends off. Place the sweet potato securely on a cutting board and make 2 mm cuts starting from one end to the other. Make sure you don’t cut all the way down. The tuber should be in one piece but with cuts running from top to almost all the way to the bottom.

Brush most of the melted butter over the sweet potato going in between each cut  if possible. Keep a little bit of the melted butter for basting later.

Put the buttered tubers on a baking tray and put it in a preheated oven of 400 degrees. Leave it uncovered and bake for about 40 minutes. Of course times will vary depending on size of the sweet potato. About 3/4 the way baste with remaining butter getting it inbetween each slice of the SP.

When a fork goes through easily through the slices of the SP,  it is done.

Remove and set aside.

Buttermilk Cheese Dressing

1/4 cup buttermilk

2 oz regular feta cheese

2 wedges Laughing Cow spreadable cheese [light]

1 tablespoon chopped green part of a spring onion + 1/2 tbs for garnish

I tablespoon freshly squeezed lemon juice 

1/2 tablespoon good quality olive oil with a mild flavor

Salt and pepper to taste.

Blend everything except the 1/2 tbs of chopped spring onions,  salt and pepper.

You can either blend to a smooth consistancy or leave it a little bit chunky depending on your preferance. Check for salt and pepper, add to your taste. Put the dressing in a dish and sprinkle the remaining spring onions.

Serve the potatoes with the dressing.

Top with a tablespoon of chopped candied pecan and serve on a bed of salad greens.