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I’ve taken a long hiatus from blogging without even meaning to. I was all set to tell you about my  grandmother’s iron stove, a treasured relic, that I got back from my recent trip to India.

So I should have just got down to business and blogged about it, right? Well I needed a suitable background board to showcase the beautiful sculptural stove. And-I-was- going-to-make-it. Fighting words not matched by a fighting spirit unfortunately.  

Finally an opportunity. For mother’s day, I was forbidden from doing my usual kitchen chores, while a wonderful lunch of pierogies was being prepared by my babies. So some free time on hand motivated me to get going on that backdrop. Absolutely no planning went into this. What makes me really happy about this project is using leftover materials and a simple foam board. I love how it turned out and better yet, it cost me nothing.

Here’s what I used

1 black foam board

Minwax wood stain [walnut]

American Tradition satin finish multipurpose spray paint [java brown]

Valspar sealer, satin finish, not pictured here. 

An old tooth brush

A sponge brush

With a toothbrush, I applied the wood stain randomly on the board to create some texture and variation.

Then I went over the streaks with a sponge brush to soften it.

Next with my spray can, I went over the entire surface with the brown paint[satin finish] and in some places I sprayed heavily to create  blotches of paint to give the surface more character. Then I went over these blotches with the sponge brush to blend them in.  

As I was literally watching paint dry, I had this idea to throw some sand onto the wet board hoping to create some texture.

When the paint was completely dry I dusted off the excess sand. It was now time to seal my twenty minute masterpiece. I would have preferred a matte finish sealer to the satin finish that I had but didn’t fancy a trip to the hardware store. As I was spraying to seal the finish I accidentally sprayed a heavy streak across the board. I knew it was too stong to blend in so I used the same heavy handed strokes to create a wood grain type of effect. This was so not intended but turned out great. So here is the backdrop I made with just an used foam board and leftover paint, stain and sealer.              

And here is our Mother’s day lunch. In case you are wondering, what happened to the kitchen, it was cleaned immaculately. 

And here is my paternal grandmother’s stove that I got back from India. More about it in my next post. I have to get hold of some coal to show you how it works.  

Thanks for dropping by,

Best, S.

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