A long trip to India had kept me from my home, my garden and blogging for most of this summer. I am happy to be back and blogging again.

My garden was waiting for me in all its lush greenery, well-tended to by the family I left behind to enjoy my vacation! However, I had sadly missed the peak summertime bounty. Now in September with a waning harvest of fruit and vegetables I realize I have to be very creative in using my garden produce. I don’t have pounds of veggies, just but a couple of eggplants here, a handful of mottled, misshapen ripe tomatoes there, three onions, a lone melon, plenty of unripe, green tomatoes, well you get the drift.

Maybe some of you gardeners who live in colder climates are in the same predicament as I am, how to creatively use these odd lots of veggies. In the next week to 10 days, I’ll be posting recipes made primarily from my garden, with occasional supplements from the grocery store.

This season saw my first success with onions; I harvested a grand total of three!!

Look out for the first in my series of “My Garden To Table Recipes” tomorrow.

Thanks for dropping by,

Best, S.